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Gai-Tronic Commander - GSM Weatherproof Phone
Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the new GSM Commander offers wireless communications to providea completely stand-alone telephone installation. The GSM phone greatly reduces installations costs by eliminating running wires. The battery and GSM terminal are housed inside the unit to provide a complete rugged telephone.
  • Fully Integrated GSM-based Commander
  • Internal Antenna as Standard
  • Robust and Weather Resistant: IP65
  • Dual Purpose Design for Wall or Desk Mounting; Simple Installation
  • Large Tactile Buttons, Easy to See and Operate
  • Inductive Coupler Fitted as Standard for Hard of Hearing
  • Standard or Customised Units
  • Vandal Resistant Handset and Cord (with length options)
  • CE Compliant
  • Supplied with 12 V dc Power Supply
  • Acoustic Path Testing

Keypad Options:

15 & 18 button Full Keypad Included in the 18 button version, are 3 direct dial buttons for fast one touch dialling of pre-stored numbers or accessing low cost call facilities. The 15 and 18 keypad versions include: S ‘Microphone mute’ or ‘Silence’, R ‘Recall’, LR ‘Last number redial

1, 3, 6 & 18 button Autodiallers These models are programmable via an internal keypad. A microphone muting facility guards against unauthorised calls made with a remote MF tone pad. To make a call, simply lift the handset and press a single button. The pre-programmed number (up to 24 digits) will then dial automatically.

0 button CB This can be used to initiate a PABX ‘hotline’ or lift handset and wait for reply, where the PABX does the call routing/dialling. Autodial on handset lift also available.  

Solar Powered GSM Phone

The unit can be mains, battery, or solar powered, with the internal lead-acid backup battery and phone working in temperatures of -20 to +60 degrees, ideal for hostile environments. The Quad-band GSM module covers wireless ranges across most of the globe.

Advanced features of the telephone include an internal memory for local digital recordings and remote management to reduce site visits and maintenance costs.

The Commander family of telephones are tough, weather resistant units built to withstand abuse and environmental extremes. The Commander body is moulded in glass filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion, and is simple to install. Typical installations include civil construction sites, bus or rail stations, retail, and temporary events (festivals, construction, exhibitions), anywhere that laying cable is prohibitive

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