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Gai-Tronic Indoor VOIP Phone
GAI-Tronics’ SIP compatible VoIP Handset Auto-dial Telephones are designed to provide direct point-to-point communication between personnel throughout a facility over an existing Internet Protocol LAN. The telephones are programmed to automatically dial when the handset is taken off-hook (number/address programming via imbedded web browser). The VoIP telephones are intended for connection to a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet SIP network and operate using power-over-Ethernet or an alternative power source.

Each VoIP telephone features real-time alarm reporting that enables system supervisors to monitor the phone’s activity and address callers’ needs or maintenance issues immediately. GAI-Tronics’ Handset VoIP Auto-dial Telephones’ features make them ideal for use in any application requiring point-to-point, auto-dial communications or telephone system access.

  • Optional Keypad
  • Embedded Browser (No Additional Interface required) for Web Page Configuration
  • Power Over Ethernet or Alternative 24 - 48 V dc Supply
  • SIP Compatible
  • RJ45 LAN or WAN Direct Connection
  • Four Contact Inputs and Two Relay Outputs
  • Real-time Email Fault Reporting
  • Anti-corrosive Enclosures
  • Surface or Flush Mount Models
  • Auto-dial Operation
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Non-moveable Hookswitch
  • Indoor and Weatherproof Models
  • Noise-cancelling Microphone
  • Volume Control Pushbutton
  • Weather-resistant (Type 3R designs)
  • Compatible with TMA (Telephone Management Application) Software

Embedded web pages held within the VoIP Telephone can be accessed over a network using a browser such as (Internet Explorer®) to view, monitor, and change settings within the unit. GAI-Tronics’ Hands-free Telephones are housed within corrosion-resistant enclosures and are designed to provide high levels of unit integrity, delivering a robust solution for virtually any IP communication application.

In addition to each unit’s real-time email reporting capability, all telephones can be monitored via a central PC utilizing our TMA (Telephone Management Application) software. TMA will systematically poll each telephone on a pre-programmed schedule (daily, weekly, etc.) and provide a single report with a variety of available information pertaining to call activity and fault reporting of the following:

  • Configuration error
  • Cold reset (caused by power failure)
  • Warm reset (caused by internal command or error)
  • Keypad error / stuck buttons
  • Microphone / Speaker circuit fault
  • Handset off-hook (if so equipped)
  • Register fail

Indoor VOIP Telephone

General Specifications
Color Gray
Connectivity VOIP
Weather Rating Indoor
Dimensions 6.9 x 9.5 x 8 in
Weight 4.8 lb



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