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Weatherproof GSM Telephones / Solar Powered GSM Phones

GSM telephones are used when normal phone lines are not available for connection. The following weatherproof GSM phones have the option of adding a solar panel for when mains power is not available.

Weatherproof / Solar GSM Phone

FernTel GSM
The FernTel-GSM has been designed for use wherever wired telephone networks are unavailable.
When connected to an optional solar panel it becomes a Solar powered GSM telephone. In case of an alarm it is still possible to use it to report an emergency.two SIM cards can be used simultaneously.

Solar GSM Telephone - Ferntel GSM
Industrial Solar GSM Phone

InduTel GSM
Weatherproof heavy duty solar powered telephone rated IP66 with transparent protection door. Rechargeable lithium ion battery with standby time of approx. 30 days or a speaking time of 21 hours. It features a quad-band GSM with the frequency bands GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, and GSM 1900.

Solar GSM Telephone

Weatherproof / Solar GSM Telephone

ResisTel GSM
The ResisTel GSM is designed for use in harsh environments where phone lines and power are not available. Dual sim card capability, 21hrs talk time from full charge, the solar panel charges a lithium battery with 30 standby time. The ResisTel GSM is a weatherproof quad band, solar powered GSM telephone.

GSM Solar Phone
Gai-Tronics GSM Commander Phone
  • Solar Powered GSM Phone
  • Fully Integrated GSM-based Commander phone
  • Internal Antenna as Standard
  • Inductive Coupler Fitted as Standard for Hard of Hearing
  • Standard or Customised Units
  • Vandal Resistant Handset and Cord (with length options)
  • Acoustic Path Testing
Solar Powered GSM Phone

Gai-Tronics GSM Titan Solar Phone
  • Network Rail Approved
  • Tamper resistant 12V (10W) solar panel
  • 2.5m galvanised or yellow post
  • Up to 250 hours standby, 10 hours talk time (with no daylight)
  • Weather resistant up to IP66
  • Operating temperature –20° C to +60° C
  • Remotely configurable via SMS
  • Remote monitoring via SMS
  • Accepts standard 2G SIM cards, either GSM-R or GSM
Solar Powered GSM Phone

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